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derek hale smiling in 4.05 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Derek Hale - episode five

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As Good As The Real Thing


This was originally supposed to be a short ficlet for babyhowlinforyou but then my brain decided it should be way longer. OOPS. Anyway, hope you like it anyway!

He’s maybe had a crush on Stiles for going on two years now, but there’s no way he’s ever going to act on it or say anything. He’s just memorized the moles that dot Stiles’s face (and fantasized about where else they might be under his clothes) and the differences in Stiles’s laughs (because the one when he thinks something is really funny is a full body guffaw, and the one when he just finds something amusing is a melodic chuckle). He’s memorized the way Stiles sticks out his tongue while he’s concentrating, or how his hair sticks up in certain ways when he’s running his hand through it when he’s stressed.

Okay, so maybe he’s spent a little too much time memorizing all of Stiles’s quirks and looks. But he and Stiles have been in the same history class for two years now, and he always ends up sitting by him. He can’t help it. History is his subject, and so he always finishes his work before the bell rings, and to pass the time he kind of sort of just stares at Stiles.

He’s never actually, really, seriously talked to Stiles though. They’ve said hi, or more like nodded at each other, passed each other handouts or something, but that’s it. Stiles is on the lacrosse team, and Derek’s on the basketball team, and everyone knows those two sports don’t mix. But because basketball winds down around when lacrosse is starting up, they do run into each other in the locker room occasionally (where there’s more grunts of hello and nodding). And it’s enough interaction to satisfy Derek (because there’s no way he’s following through with his feelings to possibly get rejected).

That is until in class their teacher assigns them to be partners for a project.

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flotsam and jetsam: no pants


so I’m going through my WIP hoard and cleaning up and polishing some ficlets to post. here is a nibble of derek/stiles, NC-17, set in the very distant future of tween wolf (you don’t need to know the series, though it will explain the socks).



"Come back to bed," Derek mumbles, squinting at Stiles’s ass. "It’s cold—why—"

Stiles turns back from the window; he’s just wearing socks and a t-shirt, his dick hanging soft and loose beneath the hem. “There’s some serious White Christmas action going down outside, dude.”

Derek is too cozy and sleepy to argue with Stiles about his abuse of the epithet “dude,” so he settles for blinking up at Stiles and trying to look more appealing than the wonders of nature. “You’re not wearing pants,” he says.

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what do u mean this is not what happened



elisera said:

You know what I want? The story where Derek makes Stiles shower/ wash his hair before making out or having sex. Because hair gel. And he’s not touching that. I’m sure Derek could be talked into helping him :D

And because I’m weak, I wrote back:

"Stiles," Derek sighs out on a long breath.


"I don’t care what anyone says, your hair looks ridiculous and smells even worse." Derek does not understand Stiles’ obsession with product. It’s greasy and heavy and when it dries it kind of flakes off everywhere. Gross.

Stiles looks affronted. “It’s tousled. It’s way better than having it stuck down on my head, on my face, Derek. It makes my forehead get all oily.” He’s actually whining.

"Fine, how about I get you some pretty barrettes? A nice headband? Or here’s a thought, cut it shorter?"

Stiles raises his chin stubbornly. “I like it this way, and I don’t care what you say, it looks good.”

Derek just shakes his head. He loves the way Stiles’ hair looks after he gets out of the shower, how it looks when he gets up, how it looks after lacrosse.

"Fine. My house, though, my rules." He smirks at Stiles, who rolls his eyes in return.

"What." He asks flatly.

"No kisses, no cuddles, and certainly no sex until you wash that crap out of your hair."


Derek’s mostly joking, but winding Stiles up to this level of indignant is so entertaining. “If you ask nicely, I might even help you.”

"Help me …?"

"Wash your hair, obviously."

Stiles raises his eyebrows. “In the shower?” He asks suggestively.


"I’m really not seeing a down side here, Der," Stiles says, pulling off his shirt at throwing it at Derek. "Come on, big guy. You can wash my hair. And later?” He throws a wicked look over his shoulder. “I’ll pull yours."

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Dylan O’Brien, Max Carver and Holland Roden with a fan [x]

he gets more devastatingly adorable in every gif and then you get to the little clap in the last one and it’s just


Chris Argent + tight shirts

Swept Away


Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Sterek

Tags: actor Derek, fan Stiles, Conventions

Summary: After being fans of the supernatural TV-show that actor Derek Hale stars in, Stiles and his friends find themselves at Werecon, where they get the opportunity to actually meet the man! Things don’t go entirely as expected…

"Oh my God, how amazing was that panel?" Kira says, almost shrieking, as they head out of the panel room.

"I cannot believe they actually said the things about the transformations!" Scott calls out, nearly breathless out of sheer excitement.

"I know, right?" Allison says, "Talk about major spoilers!"

"No, but seriously, the thing about the shipping though!" Stiles says, because he can hardly believe the way Boyd and Erica went along with it, playing in to the fan excitement of their characters being shipped.

"Oh please, do you see the way Boyd looks at Erica? He totally ships it himself!" Lydia says, and while the rest of them are kind of flushed and hyped up about everything going on around them at this con, Lydia is still looking like she freshly stepped out of the shower, make-up and clothing perfect. Stiles really has no idea how she does it. With all the rushing around, he feels completely buzzed and sweaty and… Oh God, they’re going to be in the autograph room next and Derek is going to be there. Derek Hale. Star of his favorite tv-show and the most perfect human being Stiles has ever seen.