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Teen Wolf AU - Sterek AU

(4x07 rewritten) After the release of viruses Derek and Stiles are trapped inside the vault until a cure is found.

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So you know that au where only your soulmate can kill you (I saw your post on that btw, it's awesome) could you imagine how crime would be different there. You'd have people randomly stabbing people and asking questions later, because it's not like you can kill them, right? Right? (Can you guess where I'm going with this?)


Oh man, anon, see you’re taking it to a much darker/dystopian place than I envisioned (you are sweet thank you btw). Cause see I saw your ask and thought, so it’s like some crime-spree filled place (like The Purge??) where people stay in doors because yeah you can’t kill them but dude you’d still bleed everywhere and feel pain. It’s not like you’re actually invincible.

Cause see what I was thinking was more like:

You can die. But it’s by other means, illness, old age, your own stupidity etc. Like if you fall off a cliff through no one’s fault but your own, sorry but you’re not going to make it. But it’s where if there’s another person involved, that’s when things get a bit tricky. Because you can definitely hurt and injure one another, sure, and maybe permanently scar or paralyze someone, but you can’t kill them.

I mean I’d like to think that the world in this AU is still good, that people are still law-abiding citizens (or else man would the Sheriff have a tough job… actually… it’d kind of be the same as Beacon Hills wouldn’t it). That the random stabbings and crimes happen in the big city, but not in their relatively small and quiet suburb.

But obviously the teenagers get a little restless and crazy and they could find their soulmate if they tried hard enough. So some of them venture out to the city, or maybe they have these shady hush hush parties where it’s like spin the bottle except obviously much darker and bloody. And maybe you have a couple that think they are soulmates and pull a weird Romeo and Juliet (where they kill each other instead of themselves) just to make sure and what if they survive (of course what if it truly ends like Romeo and Juliet and they don’t?).

And maybe there’s seedy clubs you can go to because maybe there’s people so desperate to find their soulmate they let people do things to them that brings them to the brink and maybe they get off on it. Maybe they keep doing it until one day they don’t wake up and stop breathing. Because it just so happens that the one person who took their turn with the knife was that person’s soulmate. And then that person has to live with that.

BUT obviously, our little Stiles is too smart to do something stupid like that. He might want to find his soulmate, but he’s not going to get himself killed trying. And yeah he knows Lydia’s not it, and he knows Malia’s not it, but doesn’t mean he can’t be happy with them. Plenty of people are happy with each other and they aren’t soulmates. Maybe he’s seen it happen.

Because let’s say in this world, Claudia and Sheriff were soulmates. We know what happens to Claudia, and it wasn’t the Sheriff that did it, but he’s still getting by, maybe getting closer to Melissa McCall gathering up the courage to ask her out on a date. And yeah it’s not totally bliss, but he’s happy, he’s content.

Let’s say Scott and Allison were soulmates. If this world doesn’t have supernatural/werewolves in existence (in my head when I wrote it, it didn’t) how did Allison die? Maybe it was an accident too. Maybe that’s how Scott realized they were soulmates, but it was too late. Because Allison is bleeding in his arms and he can’t do anything. But that was awhile, and it took time, but he’s met Kira, and yeah they aren’t soulmates but he’s doing better, he’s happy.

But then of course where does that leave Derek?

If we keep Paige in his backstory, perhaps Derek thinks he’s already met and killed his soulmate, so he lives his life with nothing too lose. Which is why he falls for Kate, who is one of those desperate must find her soulmate people and tortures Derek, who goes with it because he knows she can’t kill him because there’s no way he can be his soulmate. And maybe she gets pissed and burns his house down with his family inside and maybe it’s okay and most of them survive, or maybe because it’s a fire and not Kate directly it doesn’t matter and they die anyway (and wouldn’t it be fitting that Kate does that and maybe the family survives all except Peter because as it turns out Peter was Kate’s soulmate? But I digress.).

But then how does that explain Paige actually dying. Again, no werewolfiness, maybe it was an accident too. Maybe they were testing to see if they were soulmates and it went awry. Maybe Paige had some incurable disease that she never told anyone, not even Derek, about and she was dying anyway, or whatever they did just sped up the process. But somehow Paige dies, and it’s not Derek’s fault, because they aren’t soulmates and he can’t kill her, but he doesn’t know that. And Paige’s parents are too upset to tell Derek the truth, or maybe he can’t bring himself to go to her funeral because he doesn’t want to look her parents in the eye, and so they never get to tell him.

And maybe that’s why Derek’s so reckless, why he falls for Kate, why he goes for Jennifer, and falls into the crowd that goes to those seedy clubs. Because he doesn’t care anymore, no one can hurt him.

Until Stiles.

"the one with the videotape"


"This is so cute," Scott sighs happily, watching as he and Allison wave at the camera as they sit on the sand. "When’s it from?"

Stiles squints at the list of movies on the memory stick, scrawled in Derek’s tiny handwriting. 

Stiles & Derek go to Disneyworld (Bribery necessary), 2015

Beach, 2015.

Scott & Allison’s first wedding, 2015.

Experimenting with lighting, 2016.

Wedding messages, 2016.

"I dunno, it’s from a bunch."

Scott winces as the video changes, and he’s drunkenly throwing confetti at the camera. 

"Mrs Scott! Mrs Scott, come say helloooooo."

Allison manages to look half graceful as she staggers towards the camera, smiles shyly, “Hi Stiles. Derek, don’t— don’t look s’mad.”

"Why you got," Scott slings an arm around Allison’s shoulders, shuts one eye as he pokes his other hand towards Derek. "Why you wearin’ that hotel sweater."

"It’s blue," Derek’s voice says flatly. "We needed something blue."

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I don't know if your writing anymore but I'm having a shitty day, I'm in the hospital and yeah can you just write something sweet?



Derek is a little anxious. “Do you think the baby will be okay?” he asks Laura nervously. 

"Of course," Laura says. "You’re being a worrywart for no reason, this is perfectly normal. Aunt Christie’s just been in labor for a few hours, it can take up to twelve or more, you know." 

Talia looks up from the magazine she’s reading. “I can take you home if you want,” he says. 

"No," Derek insists. "I want to be here when it happens. I’m just going to walk around for awhile," he says.

"Okay," Laura says. "You’ll hear if we say anything, right?" 

Derek nods; his werewolf powers have just started developing, and while it’s been difficult to get the control bits, the supernatural hearing has been the easiest (and most useful) to learn. 

He stands up, leaving the tired looking teal waiting room of people waiting anxiously for their family members and loved ones, and starts to walk around the hospital, stretching his legs. Derek finds a vending machine and feeds it quarters, grabbing the Reese’s that falls out of it.

When he stands up, there’s a boy with a wobbling lip looking at him. 

"You took the last one," the kid says. 

"I got here first," Derek says, annoyed. 

"We can share," he says, looking up hopefully at Derek. "Here." The kid pulls out two quarters and holds them out to Derek. 

Derek looks around the rest of the cafeteria room, but there isn’t anyone else waiting around at this hour. “Where’s your mom, kid?” 

The boy’s face falls, and he looks down at his feet, and Derek is hit with the overwhelming scent of anxiety and sorrow, and realizes he’s probably said the wrong thing. 

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